Famous Amos has a New Cookie – Cookie Kahuna

If you don’t know Famous Amos cookies, then you probably don’t eat cookies! These cookies have been around since the 1970’s and, for a long time, Wally “Famous” Amos was the face of the company. Wally has a new cookie cooking down in Hawaii called The Cookie Kahuna and he hopes to regain some of […]

Raising Wild Swim Suits

Kara Haught and Shelly Hyde, the two sisters who created Raising Wild Swim Suits, grew up in Florida. That means they practically lived in their swim suits while growing up. Florida is a place to get out on the water and Floridians do just that – constantly. Kara and Shelley are no exception. The thing […]

Tek Dry – Cell Phone Rescue Device

Tek Dry is the machine for everyone who ever dropped their phone into the toilet. Chances are, you know somebody who inadvertently got their smart phone wet – whether it’s a toilet drop, a dip in the pool, or some other accident. It might’ve even happened to you. The standard response is to immediately put […]

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