Stasher Bags – Reusable Storage Bags

Stasher Bags inventor Kat Nouri is no stranger to building a big business. She’s the founder of a $10 million business called Modern Twist which makes silicone-based baby products. Nouri likes packing healthy lunches and snacks for her kids, but she hates the idea of using disposable, plastic bags. With that in mind, she took her […]

Re Charj Nap and Meditation Studios

Re Charj founder Daniel Turissini knows the power of power naps. When he was working 80 hours a week as a consultant in the busy Washington DC area, he found he needed time to decompress during his day. He wasn’t alone. Friends and colleagues shared stories of sneaking off to the bathroom or their cars for […]

i Fork Utensils and Party Ware

Kyle Donovan created i Fork to solve a simple problem: keeping the business end of a fork off a germ-filled restaurant table. When you place any utensil on a table, the part that goes in your mouth touches the table. This is disturbing when you think about how well or poorly) a restaurant wipes down […]

Detra Pel Stain Guard Spray

Detra Pel wasn’t David Zamarin’s first business. The young entrepreneur started – and sold – his first business at age 15. That company, LickYourSole, was a shoe and sneaker detailing service that largely targeted college and pro athletes. Zamarin sold it to an employee for $25,000. As you might imagine, Zamarin has a passion for sneakers, […]

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