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Twin Z Breast Feeding Pillow

Twin Z breast feeding pillowMichelle and Jason Barsosky hope their successful breast feeding pillow, called Twin Z Pillow, hooks a Shark in episode 618. Their twins were the surprise and delight of their life when they were born, but what they quickly found out is dealing with two infants at once is a real handful.

Michelle especially struggled to feed both infants at the same time, so she looked around for some sort of breast feeding pillow that would support both babies at the same time. When she couldn’t find one, she did what any red-blooded entrepreneur would do: she invented one!

The Twin Z is a breast feeding pillow and a whole lot more. Women can get one before baby is born to help get good support when lying down, women who get C-sections benefit from the added support, and the kids can continue to use them as pillows as they grow (Michelle claims her girls – now 6 – still use their Twin Z pillow).

The idea is pretty simple, most good products are born this way: find a need and fill it. Michelle did just that and she found out a lot of other moms, whether they have twins or not, liked the comfort and support the Twin Z breast feeding pillow provides. The Barsosky’s created an international business and sell their product in Target, Amazon, and on their website. They’re likely looking for a Shark to help them fulfill a large order and provide more introductions to big box retailers.

My Take on the Twin Z Breast Feeding Pillow

While I’d never personally use this product, my wife would have when the kids were younger. She was constantly piling and positioning pillows at feeding time. One thing I’ve learned as a father of five: if mom needs something to make her feel more comfortable and better about herself when there are infants in the house, GET IT FOR HER! I can’t imagine dealing with twins, it must be very challenging.

When I think about the thousands of dollars our family spent on baby products, I can understand why the Barsosky’s are meeting with some success. A typical Baby Shower generates hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in purchases. People are always looking to give the best gift at a shower, and now they’ll have the Twin Z Pillow as another choice.

Do Sharks Create Feeding Frenzy?

I’ll never understand why the Shark Tank is so luke-warm when it comes to baby products, after all, new customers are born every day! What it comes down to is the quality of the product, sales, and execution. The Barsosky’s appear to have all three with their breast feeding pillow, so the Sharks may bite.

Now that Mark’s child is getting older, he may have less interest in the baby niche, but if he likes the Barsosky’s, he could bid. I don’t think Mr. Wonderful ever invests in baby products, so he’s out. The same goes for Robert. I think if the Barsosky’s get a deal, it will be with a lady Shark.

Barbara still remembers what it’s like to have infants around, so if she sees a good opportunity, she could jump in. The obvious Shark is Lori, since this is a moderately priced, “demonstratable” product with mass appeal, but she also could think it’s “too niche.”

I think the Barsosky’s will get a deal, I just don’t know which Shark bites.

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