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Top 15 Shark Tank Businesses

As a tribute to Shark Tank’s 15th season, the show highlighted  the top 15 Shark Tank businesses based on lifetime sales. The sales figures are as of October, 2023. Top 15 Shark Tank Businesses Blueland – In season 11, Mr. Wonderful did an on air deal with this company for $270,000 for 3% plus a […]

Tomte Cake – A Wholesome Gingerbread Adventure for Families

Thanks for joining us as we dive into the enchanting world of The Tomte Cake, a delightful do-it-yourself gingerbread house kit that comes complete with an original storybook. This magical creation is the brainchild of the talented Miranda Tompkins, an author, and illustrator who wanted to transform the traditional gingerbread house experience into something extraordinary. […]

The Black Paper Party Revolutionizes Holiday Decor

In the world of holiday decorations, one group of dynamic Black women has taken the lead in transforming the landscape. J’aaron Merchant, Jasmine Hudson, and Madia Willis, founders of The Black Paper Party, noticed a gap in the market when it came to authentic and diverse holiday representations. Fueled by their backgrounds in retail and […]

The PickUp Bricks Revolution

PickUp Bricks inventor Aurora Weinstock was tired of the excruciating pain of stepping on Lego bricks scattered around her home. Well, she’s not alone! Aurora and Steve Weinstock, the brother and sister in law team behind Pick Up Bricks, have revolutionized the way we clean up small toys with the world’s first kid-safe vacuum. No […]

The Snow in Seconds Story

In the winter wonderland that is Minnesota, the Snow in Seconds Story emerged as a family-owned business in 2008, bringing a touch of magic to the snowy landscape. Snow in Seconds, founded by Jonathan Dusing, stands as the original fake snow, revolutionizing the way we experience winter festivities. With a more than a decade of […]


YumCrumbs creator Delson Jeanvilma knows indulging in a delicious dessert is a universal pleasure, a source of comfort, and a sweet treat that brings people together. From delectable cakes to warm cookies, desserts have the magical power to create lasting memories. For those who believe in enhancing the joy of dessert-making and consumption, YumCrumbs is […]

Fidget Games: Making Learning Accessible and Fun

In a world where educational resources are not always readily available to every child,   Fidget Games, founded by Brandi Dugal, stands as a beacon of hope. This innovative initiative believes that every child should have equal access to educational tools, and they are making it happen through their Fidget Forward program. The Fidget Game is […]

Bunny Eyes Reading Glasses

Bunny Eyes proves that in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, some of the most remarkable and groundbreaking ideas emerge from the simplest of frustrations. Such is the case with this visionary eyewear company founded by sisters Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz, along with their friend Andrea Gluck. The name Bunny Eyes pays homage to […]

Rekkie Smart Ski Goggles

The Pease brothers, creators of REKKIE smart ski goggles, know that skiing and snowboarding have long been beloved winter activities that have seen their fair share of technological advancements over the years. From the evolution of ski equipment to the development of high-speed lifts, the world of winter sports continues to change and adapt. In […]

The Krapp Strapp: Redefining Comfort in the Great Outdoors

Keith Lindsey, the founder of Air Boss Motion Decoys in Jacksonville, Texas, recently revealed his inspiration for one of his best-selling products, the Krapp Strapp. This unique invention was born out of necessity and a desire to provide comfort to those who find themselves tethered to the wilderness, facing a primal urge far from the […]

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