Foot Cardigan Update

Foot Cardigan Update While still basking in the afterglow of their on-air deal with Troy Carter and Mark Cuban, the guys at Foot Cardigan found themselves SWAMPED with orders. I followed up with Bryan after last week’s interview to get a Foot Cardigan update. Bryan began our conversation by telling me how freaked out he […]

Foot Cardigan Interview – Bryan DeLuca & Matt McClard

I spoke with Bryan DeLuca and Matt McClard the day before they were scheduled to appear on Shark Tank episode 703. They’re two of the four guys behind the brilliantly zany Foot Cardigan subscription sock service; they’re also the two guys who pitch the Sharks in what promises to be an entertaining segment: they actually […]

Sock Subscription – Foot Cardigan

Shark Tank has seen entrepreneurs pitching toy subscriptions, food subscriptions, even coffee subscriptions; now Foot Cardigan wants a Shark to try on their sock subscription service. Bryan Deluca, the gentleman pictured in the Girl Scout uniform, started Foot Cardigan in 2012 along with Tom Browning, Matt McClard, and Kelly Largent. The Dallas area business caught on […]

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