Box Lock – Preventing Porch Piracy

Brad Ruffkess hopes Box Lock is to package delivery as Ring is to door bells. Ruffkess introduces his smart lock in Shark Tank episode 1001. The product tackles a growing problem: porch pirates that steal packages. As many as half of all packages delivered in urban areas get stolen each year. That causes a lot […]

FinalStraw – Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

Emma Cohen and Miles Pepper created FinalStraw to bring attention to the problem of plastic waste in our oceans. They’re also keen on making a profit. The message they bring to the season ten premier of Shark Tank is one of both conservation and profit. Profits aren’t likely going to be a problem, the pair […]

The Bear Minimum – Pocket Cook Pot

Heidi and Cory Santiago pitch Corey’s invention, the Bear Minimum, in the season ten premier of Shark Tank. Their product is a play on words that hints at both the outdoor uses and its small size. The Bear Minimum is a folding cooking pot for taking on the go. It literally folds into a wallet […]

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