The Shed Defender Stops Shedding Mess from Dogs

Myles and Tyson Walters pitch the Shed Defender to the Sharks in episode 1003. Normally, I try to put a positive spin on the products that are on Shark Tank, but I’m having a tough time with the Shed Defender. Tyson owns a Saint Bernard and the dog sheds – a lot. Just about everything […]

Sanaia Applesauce for Grownups

Keisha Jeremie wants grown ups to eat applesauce, specifically her Sanaia Applesauce. Jeremie grew up making applesauce like snacks out of native tamarind in the Caribbean. When she moved to the states to attend school, she started making applesauce from green apples in her dorm room at the University of Virginia. Her dorm mates loved […]

LugBug Ergonomic Baby Seat Handle

It took a dislocated shoulder for Nathan Day to invent the LugBug, a universal baby seat handle that’s ergonomically correct. Day pitches his product, a sturdy plastic handle that clips onto any baby seat, in Shark Tank episode 1003. Baby seats and carriers are designed with the safety of babies in mind, not necessarily the […]

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