Tush Baby Baby Carrier

Tammy Rant got tired of her back hurting from carrying her two kids, that’s why she invented Tush Baby. The software sales executive wanted a baby carrier that didn’t hurt her back but also kept baby comfortable. Doctors love the product because it distributes baby’s weight on mom’s hips while keeping baby in the ergonomic, […]

Sproing – Fitness Centers

Paul Toback and Steve Lenz think their new fitness center concept – Sproing – is the next big thing in cardio fitness. They hope the Sharks think so too when they pitch Sproing in episode 1008. If you ever go to the gym, you see a LOT of treadmills. It’s probably the most popular piece […]

Moki Door Step

Alyssa and Zachary Brown named their product, Moki Door Step, after the “moki steps” carved into the cliffs by the cliff-dwelling Pueblo people. They used small steps to scale the cliffs where they made their homes. While the Browns don’t live in a cliff, they do lots of skiing,  biking and kayaking. That means putting […]

Bruw – Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Max Feber, a high school student from West Bloomfield, Michigan, wants to brew up some interest from the Sharks for Bruw, his cold brew coffee-making “system.” It’s actually a very simple item. Cold brew coffee doesn’t brew like hot coffee. The grounds basically soak in cold water overnight. The method makes coffee smoother and less […]

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