The Sub Safe – Sub Container

Adam and Desiree Haller, creators of the Sub Safe, are your typical Floridians. They like fishing, boating, the beach and Publix subs. Adam got an epiphany one day while fishing off the east coast of Florida. He had a sub sandwich in his cooler, and when it was time to chow down, it was a […]

Fresh Belly Savory Baby Food

Fresh Belly baby foods’ Saskla Sorrosa believes picky eaters are made, not born. What she means is we feed our babies overly fruity, sugar laden baby foods that don’t “train” them to like the flavors of veggies early in life. This leads to picky eaters when they get older. When kids don’t eat veggies and […]

Life Lift Vortex Bed

Life Lift Vortex Bed inventors Levi Wilson and Tim Todd think  hiding under the bed isn’t a good idea, unless it’s one of their beds. It may be OK to hide under the bed when playing hide and seek, but if there’s a major storm or a burglar, it won’t keep you safe. That’s why they […]

Zorpad Shoe Odor Eliminators

Taylor Wiegele and Sierra Smith, the two Harvard MBA’s who created the Zorpad “odor destruction” shoe inserts, show how disrupting a market can come from just about anywhere. Tasked with creating a product for one of their business classes, the pair combined their areas of expertise to solve a problem. Taylor is a chemical engineer […]

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