WildEarth Dog Treats

Ryan Bethencourt’s WildEarth Dog treats are part mad science and part genius. They’re grown in the lab using a bioreactor. He feeds Koji, a fungus that grows on grain, with beet sugar and it synthesizes the sugar into pure protein. It’s a vegan dog treat with all the protein a dog needs. Bethencourt is vegan […]

Pooch-Selfie for Smart Phone Camera

Jason Hernandez invented The Pooch-Selfie so he could take better selfies with his dog. Dogs are wonderful creatures, but they don’t always sit still for a photo-op. They tend to get distracted by just about anything. Pooch Selfie solves the problem by becoming the distraction. Basically, it’s a clamp for your cell phone that holds […]

Urban Float Relaxation Tanks

Scott Swerland and Joe Beaudry bring their own tank into the Shark Tank when they pitch Urban Float, their sensory deprivation/relaxation spa business into Shark Tank episode 1013. Sensory deprivation tanks were all the rage in the late sixties and seventies. They were touted as a way to completely relax and unwind. They lost favor […]

Kudo Banz for Positive Parenting

Amanda Naqvi created Kudo Banz to help herself parent her own kids in a more positive way. There’s a ton of research that says positive reinforcement makes for more well-behaved kids, so she set out to become a more positive parent. Anyone with kids knows about sticker charts; they’re a way to visibly reward a […]

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