Silk Roll Online Clothing Exchange

Janet Wu and Erin Wold created Silk Roll to solve a big problem women have: closet space. Their research showed only 25% of women’s clothes get worn more than once, the rest just gathers dust for years in their closets. Janet thought that if women could get a fair value for their once-worn clothes, they […]

Press Waffles Restaurants

Press Waffles founders Caleb and Bryan Lewis loved waffles as kids. Older brother Bryan rediscovered his love for waffles while summering in Belgium back in 2013 with his wife. They ate Belgian waffles every day and fell in love with them. Belgian waffles differ from the waffles most Americans are familiar with because they are […]

Pickup Pools Truck Bed Pool Liner

Tommy Prestella, an active duty air force pilot, invented Pickup Pools because his daughter was hot and wanted to go swimming. It was a hot Arkansas summer day at Little Rock Air Force Base and the Prestella’s didn’t have a pool, so Tommy made one. He took tarp and a bunch of bungee cords and […]

Dare-U-Go Food Storage Bib

Dare-U-Go creator Lisa D’Amato made her claim to fame on America’s Top Model as a sassy, outspoken woman.  She was so good, she even won an All Stars competition. None of that prepared her for motherhood. She didn’t count on the minor mayhem or messes associated with parenting two toddlers, especially when it was time […]

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