Toy Box Labs – Print Your Own Toys

Toy Box Labs introduces a toy that makes toys in Shark Tank episode 1015 when Jen Chin and Ben Baltes demonstrate their 3D printer made especially for kids. With the Toy Box 3D printer and their online platform, you can choose from over 500 (and growing) small toys a kid can print in a short […]

Moink Meats Are Sustainable

Lucinda Cramsey tells the Sharks about Moink Meats, sourced from small family farms in episode 1015. The chicken, pork, beef and fish she sells are all ethically sourced and humanely raised. Big factory farms generally have poor conditions and the animals aren’t treated well. Moink meats come from free range, pastured animals. She and her […]

Jolly Roger Messes with Telemarketers

Stephen Berskson and Roger Anderson’s Jolly Roger Telephone Company is a hysterical solution to annoying telemarketers. Anderson is a telephony engineer and consultant who decided to fight back against unscrupulous and annoying telemarketers by hitting them where it hurts: in the wallet. The fact that the solution is entertaining is a bonus. Barely a day […]

Goal Setter Teaches Kids to Save Money

Tanya Van Court, creator of Goal Setter, knows about kids. She’s a mother of three and a former Nickelodeon executive. For years, she oversaw content creation for kids but it was her own child that inspired Goal Setter. Her daughter really wanted a bike for her birthday, instead she got a bunch of toys she […]

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