Zookie’s Cookies – Bisquick for Dogs

Friends and serial entrepreneurs turned business partners Justin Miller and Tom Simon made Zookie’s Cookies, their ready to mix and bake dog treats, a business almost by accident. Miller baked his own dog biscuits and had a social media bake sale to raise funds for people victimized by Hurricane Harvey. When he quickly raised over […]

The Shower-Toga for Showering in Public

Kressa Peterson invented the Shower-Toga so she had a discreet way of showering off in a public place. Kressa likes to participate in Mud Runs and other outdoor activities that get you pretty dirty. She didn’t want to mess up her car, so she wanted to shower off before heading home after frolicking in the […]

Goat Yoga by Goga

Yes, goat yoga is actually real. Trey Kitchen and Rachael Phillips started their goat yoga business, called Goga, in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey hit. They wanted to raise some money to help folks impacted by the hurricane. Luckily, Trey’s mother raises baby Nigerian dwarf goats, so the goat portion of the business didn’t require a […]

CurlMix – Curly Hair Care Products

Husband and wife entrepreneurs Kim and Tim Lewis funded CurlMix in a most unorthodox manner. Tim was on the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and brought home $100,000. He used those funds to help Kim start her first business – an online social network for women with curly hair. That venture didn’t […]

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