The Haven Lock

Imagine locking your door with a wedge at the base of the door – that’s the idea behind the Haven Lock. Clay Banks and Alex Bertelli want a Shark to get on board with their product that Bertelli envisioned while in Afghanistan as a  Special Ops helicopter pilot. He saw people barricading their doors with […]

The Kanga Kase Mate Cooler

Warm beer might not be the biggest problem the world faces, but it’s what inspired Teddy Giard, Logan Lamance and Austin Maxwell to invent the Kanga Kase Mate Cooler. The Clemson students, along with two other partners, didn’t like lugging heavy coolers to tailgate parties. They just kept their beer in the cardboard box it […]

Empanadas by Nuchas

Ariel Barbouth came to New York City ten years ago with $9000 and a dream: to disrupt the fast food industry with his native Argentinian empanadas. Empanadas are pastry – baked or fried – with any number of fillings. They can be filled with meat, vegetables, even sweet dessert fare. The result is a hand-held […]

Certifikids – Groupon for Families

Jamie Ratner was a mommy blogger looking for family friendly bargains when she came up with the idea for Certifikids. She liked using Groupon for deals on things in her community, but there weren’t many kids’ activities on her local Groupon. This led her to start a “copycat” daily deal site that catered strictly to […]

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