Best Pocket Square Holder by Best Wardrobe Solutions

Best Pocket Square Holder inventor Cedric Cobb likes to dress to the nines. He and several elegantly dressed men pitch his Best Pocket Square Holder in Shark Tank episode 1020. His company, Best Wardrobe Solutions, sells much more than the Best Pocket Square Holder, they also sell shoes, ties, socks and more. Cobb wants to […]

Base Paws – Cat DNA Test Kits

Anna Skaya created Base Paws to make more information available to cat owners about their cat’s genetic background. She’s helped found several start-ups in the past, so she’s no stranger to amping up a company. DNA test kits for humans became widely available several years ago. Test kits for dogs and cats are now appearing […]

Bang Shack World Famous Chicken Dip

Jason Hadley feeds the Sharks his “World Famous” Bang Shack Chicken Dip when he tempts their taste buds in Shark Tank episode 1020. Hadley is the type of guy who WILL SUCCEED no matter what life throws at him. As one of five kids in a single parent family, Hadley learned to cook at a […]

Kymera Body Boards – Second Chance

Jason Woods first pitched Kymera Body Boards back in season five, episode 501. To say it was an unsuccessful pitch is an understatement. He’d just come off an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign he claimed failed because of Kickstarter’s rules about selling multiple products for each donation. The Sharks didn’t buy it. Daymond John eviscerated Jason and […]

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