Desk View – Portable Stand Up Desk

Desk View creators Jason Grohoski and Michael Bolos know the value of a stand up desk. Stand up desks have become very popular over the past ten years as people spend more and more time at a desk in front of a computer. A stand up desk lets you stand up and work – something […]

Sauce Moto – Automobile Dip Clip

Inventors create products that solve problems and the Sauce Moto guys are no exception. They saw a problem and created a solution and now they’re on Shark Tank to get their invention – the SauceMoto Dip Clip – into every car in America. Creators Tony LaHood, William Moujaes and Michael Koury. Simply put, “Sauce Moto […]

Doughp Cookie Dough

Doughp Cookie Dough creator Kelsey Witherow pitches her “legit cookie dough” to the Sharks in episode 1021. It’s pronounced DOPE as in “that’s Dope,” a saying from her youth in Northern California. She started her quirky company in San Francisco in 2017 at Pier 39 – a popular tourist attraction – with a small kiosk. […]

Cubi Call for Open Office Privacy

I don’t know if Cubi Call inventors Nick and Anthony Pucci were fans of the TV show Get Smart, but the first thing I thought of when I saw their invention was the Cone of Silence. That was a device that dropped from the ceiling in “The Chief’s” office that allowed two people to have […]

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