MinusCal Protein Bars with Choleve

MinusCal creators Barrett Jacques and Crom Carmichael hope to convince the Sharks to invest in MinusCal, their fat-blocking protein bars and supplements. The pair developed their product with Choleve, “a proprietary blend of fermented tea extract that works by blocking the absorption of fat in the small intestine.” Choleve occurs naturally in all tea, but […]

Blue Land – Eco Cleaning Supplies

With Blue Land, Syed Naqvi and Sarah Paiji Yoo want to change the way the world cleans and clean up the world at the same time. Single use plastics are a huge problem – they cause tons of pollution and now degrading microplastics are found virtually everywhere. Cleaning products come almost exclusively in single use […]

The Baby Toon – Soft Baby Spoon

Cassidy Crowley invented the Baby Toon at age seven to solve a problem that was close to home. Her infant sister always got long handled, hard spoons jammed at the back of her throat. This was dangerous for the baby and it also caused her mom a lot of anxiety. When Cassidy entered the Honolulu […]

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