Boost – Oxygen in a Can

Energy drinks are an industry designed to give people a boost of energy, but they have caffeine and make you feel jittery. Oxygen is a natural energy booster, your body’s cells burn oxygen to work properly.If you have too little oxygen in your blood stream, you could suffer from hypoxemia, which occurs when levels of […]

Circadian Optic Light Therapy Lamps

Circadian Optic Light Therapy Lamps were designed by entrepreneur Amber Leong to help maintain the body’s circadian rhythm. Light, particularly sun light, regulates our bodies sleep/wake cycle. Long, dark winter days – like those Ms. Leong experiences in her native Minneapolis, can leave people feeling sluggish. This is a result of an interrupted circadian rhythm. […]

Slate Milk – Nutritious Chocolate Milk

Slate Milk is what you get when two entrepreneurial friends team up to re-invent a favorite childhood drink. Manny Lubin and Josh Belinsky were classmates and buddies at Northeastern University in Boston. Both guys worked for startups after they graduated, but they joined together on a venture to make chocolate milk more appealing to millennials. […]

Atlas Monroe – Vegan Food Carnivores Like

I’m not sure if entrepreneurial siblings Jonathan and Deborah Torres meant for Atlas Monroe – their vegan food and catering company – to appeal to carnivores or not, but it does. When a vegan dish wins “Best Dish” at the 2018 National Fried Chicken Festival, you know carnivores like the stuff. If you look at […]

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