The Squid Sock Company

Gabe and Jessica Miller didn’t have the problem they solved when they first envisioned the Squid Sock Company, Gabe’s cousin did. While visiting his cousin, Gabe and Jessica noticed their toddler son was constantly losing his socks. Whether he took them off or they fell off, the socks weren’t where they belonged most of the […]

Diamonds from Ashes by Eterneva

Adelle Archer first got the idea for making diamonds from ashes after the loss of a very dear friend. The friend’s family gave Adelle some of her ashes to remember her by and Adelle wanted to memorialize her in a special way. She decided to send the ashes off to get turned into a diamond. […]

Aira Charger – Wireless Phone Charger

The Aira Charger wasn’t Eric Goodchild’s first venture into wireless technology.  He also runs Goodchild Engineering, a company that creates “musical Tesla coils, robotic instruments, and practical special effects.” In fact, he holds the Guinness World Record for making the most powerful Bi-Polar Tesla Coil. He almost seems like he’s more mad scientist than entrepreneur. […]

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