Zuum Technologies Hover Shoes

Chico Guerra and Mason Buechler started Zuum Technologies to “reinvent the way people think about traveling.” They decided to make hover shoes for zipping around on short commutes. Most people take trips of five miles or less when running errands or commuting. If you live in an urban area, those short trips are more efficient […]

Slumber Pod Baby Privacy Tent

Lou Childs and her daughter Katy Mallory came up with the idea for the Slumber Pod after Katy, her husband and their baby visited Lou’s house for a Christmas break. The “break” wasn’t a restful one. Katy’s baby, normally a good sleeper at home, was up all night causing massive sleep deprivation for all involved. […]

Fortress Clothing – Cold Weather Gear

Dale Lewis created his patented Fortress Clothing line to stay warm in extreme cold weather. Originally designed for paragliders at high altitudes, Dale’s found that skiers, snowboarders, outdoor workers and others want the same protection from cold. The secret sauce is Fortress Clothing’s patented technology that keeps you warm whether you’re wet or dry. Anyone […]

Flex Screen – Replacement Window Screens

Flex Screen inventor Joe Altieri spent 15 years in the window business. People loved his windows, but he heard a lot of complaints about screens. Screens are a necessity if you want to get fresh air while keeping out bugs and animals, but they tend to rip or otherwise become ineffective. Replacing screens or repairing […]

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