Mark Cuban – the Anti Shark?

Mark Cuban isn’t afraid to mix it up on Twitter with anyone, but his Tweets last Friday have one Shark Tank Entrepreneur calling him the “Anti Shark.” Cuban, along with the other Sharks, was live Tweeting during the east coast broadcast. During the Cerebral Success pitch he and the other Sharks disparaged  the product calling […]

Brain Supplement – Cerebral Success

You don’t have to be Einstein to know a healthy brain is a good thing, that’s why Trevor Hiltbrand created Cerebral Success – a brain supplement that helps you “improve memory, increase focus and concentration, and energize your brain.” Hiltbrand hopes the Sharks wise up and invest in his business in episode 522 on April 25. Essentially, the […]

Mud Run Extreme Obstacle Course -Rugged Maniac

Bradford Scudder and Rob Dickens, a couple of self-professed maniacs and “mudtrepreneurs” from Boston, pitch their incarnation of the “mud run,” an extreme obstacle course business called Rugged Maniac. A mud run is a 5K race with lots of mud and other obstacles. They’ve become very popular in the past few years with dozens of companies […]

Hand Crafted Bow Ties – Mo’s Bows

12-year-old Moziah Bridges created his business when he was just nine years old when he started making bow ties from scraps of his grandmother’s sewing fabric. For a kid, Mo is a snappy dresser and he likes the look of bow ties in his personal fashion repertoire. When he realized other folks might like his […]

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