Bon Affair Preview Interview with Jayla Siciliano

I spoke with Jayla Siciliano to get a Bon Affair preview before she introduces the world to her new line of wine spritzers in Shark Tank episode 525 this Friday. Jayla graciously sent along two bottles of her Bon Affair Sauvignon Blanc and one bottle of the Syrah (pictured on the left). I cracked open […]

Cinnamon Rolls – Cinnaholic

Florian and Shannon Radke didn’t know they’d be cinnamon rolls tycoons when they first met, but this Friday, they’ll pitch Cinnaholic to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 525. Cinnaholic is a little shop the Radkes opened out in Berkeley, CA back in 2010. Their hook is they make sinfully delicious vegan cinnamon rolls. While […]

Treasure Hunting Business

There’s a treasure hunting business featured in Shark Tank episode 525. So far the business is a bit of a mystery. There aren’t many treasure hunting business listings to be found anywhere, and a search usually turns up publicly traded Odyssey Marine. They been in the treasure hunting business for quite some time and they […]

Wine Spritzer – Bon Affair

“Winetrepreneur” Jayla Siciliano hopes the Sharks drink in her pitch for her unique wine spritzer, called Bon Affair, in Shark Tank episode 525 on May 9. Jayla is health conscious, but  she likes a cocktail too; that’s why she created a wine spritzer – so she’d have something lighter and healthier to drink when she […]

Fold Up Kayak – Oru Kayak

“Paddletrepreneurs” Anton Willis, Roberto Gutierrez, and Ardavan Sobhani hope to launch a new era in their fold up kayak business, Oru Kayak, with an appearance in Shark Tank episode 525 on May 9, 2013. Oru Kayak is the latest Kickstarter sensation to pitch the Sharks. The three San Francisco area men raised nearly half a million […]

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