Emily Doubilet – Susty Party Interview

I spoke with Emily Doubilet to get a pre-show Susty Party interview. Episode 526 was supposed to air several weeks ago, but it got bumped, so I’m WAY ahead of the curve here! Emily is a party girl at heart, and she has a big heart, too. Originally an entertainer, Emily made the NYC party […]

Bouqs Volcanic Flowers – The Bouqs Company

John Tabis isn’t your typical florist and his business, The Bouqs Company, isn’t your typical online flower supplier. When you order flowers from Bouqs (short for “bouquets”), you aren’t getting a product that sat in a cooler for a week, you’re getting fresh-cut flowers – cut the day you order them – from an Ecuadorian […]

Angel Lift Fusione

Kelly and Aaron Bruce pitch Angel Lift, a “home face lift” kit, in Shark tank episode 526 on May 2. Angel Lift uses reusable Dermastrips that fit inside your mouth, like teeth whitening strips. Combined with their low pH Fusione nutrients, the Angel Lift system smooths out laugh lines, smoker lines, and other wrinkles around the mouth. […]

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