January Re-Runs on ABC

ABC has new Shark Tank shows on a brief hiatus as they dish up 4 January re-runs for fans. Basically, between Friday, January 23rd and Sunday, February 1st, Shark Tank fans will get January re-runs of all the October shows. ABC has a special Tuesday night Shark Tank and a double header scheduled on Super Bowl […]

Mustache Sunglasses – Sun Staches

The guys who invented Sun Staches did what any good friend would do for a friend who had trouble growing facial hair: they put a mustache on some sunglasses and gave them to him. It sounds weird, but that’s how Sun Staches got its start! College buddies and business partners Dan Gerson, David Levich, and Eric Liberman […]

Better Bouncing Toy – Jungle Jumparoo

Steve and Rachel McMurtrey, husband and wife entrepreneurs from Utah, pitch their version of a better bouncing toy for kids in Shark Tank episode 605. Their Jungle Jumparoo was a 2014 Parent’s Choice Award winner because it’s fun, compact, promotes exercise, and it’s safer than traditional trampolines. The only other bouncing toy alternative to the […]

Hot Girl Caddy Service – Caddy Girls

What does a hot girl caddy do for your golf game? Probably nothing, except make it a bit more interesting – and scenic! Meghan Tarmey, a model and the brains behind the beauty of this operation, hopes the Sharks like her hot girl caddy service, Caddy Girls, enough to invest when she pitches in episode 605. […]

The Red Dress Boutique

The Red Dress Boutique might be the most successful business to enter the Shark Tank in season six, or any other season for that matter. Husband and wife business partners Josh and Diana Harbour took Diana’s dream and turned it into a $7 million dollar per year, online juggernaut. They’ll pitch in the Shark Tank […]

FunCakes Preview

I spoke with FunCakes owner Kimberly Aya prior to her appearance on Shark Tank episode 606 to get some background on her appearance. Kimberly is the world’s only cake maker that doesn’t have an oven – all her cakes are faux creations, made out of Styrofoam and fondant. They’re decorative cakes people get for the […]

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