January Re-Runs on ABC

ABC has new Shark Tank shows on a brief hiatus as they dish up 4 January re-runs for fans. Basically, between Friday, January 23rd and Sunday, February 1st, Shark Tank fans will get January re-runs of all the October shows. ABC has a special Tuesday night Shark Tank and a double header scheduled on Super Bowl […]

Cake Rental – Fun Cakes

I got very excited when I found out Kimberly Aya and her cake rental business, Fun Cakes, was going to appear in Shark tank episode 606. I first “met” Kimberly as a reader of THE Shark Tank Blog, she won one of the many contests we have throughout the years. When I interviewed Kimberly, she […]

Reviver Clothing Swipes

Ben and Eric Kusins, brothers from a very entrepreneurial family, introduce a new “fragrance delivery system,” Reviver Clothing Swipes, to Shark Tank and the world in episode 606. Reviver Clothing Swipes are a small, fabric covered “swipe” that fit over your fingers; when you swipe it across your clothing, the fragrance infused waxy material inside […]

Table Jacks Table Stabilizers

Steve Christian hopes the Sharks like Table Jacks, his invention that eliminates “table wobble,” in episode 606. Christian created Table Jacks to give restaurant owners an easy way to eliminate wobbly tables without using napkins or cardboard. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with a wobbly table, you know what a turn off it is. […]

Airplane Stickers – Paper Box Pilots

13 year old Noah Cahoon, along with dad, Brian and little brother, Milo, pitches Paper Box Pilots – his airplane stickers kit – in episode 606. The origins of the business began when Noah was 4 years old. His dad used to turn old boxes into airplanes for Noah; he’d draw instruments and decorations on […]

Reviver Preview

I spoke with Eric Kusin before episode 606 aired to get a Reviver preview. Eric appears with his brother, Ben -who invented Reviver – to pitch the business in the Shark Tank. Ben originally got the idea for Reviver about 6 years ago. Ben was a smoker who wanted to mask the smell of smoke. […]

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