Sticky Ties Interview

Sticky Ties wasn’t the first business partnership Ellie Brown and Becca Nelson cooked up. The sisters’ first business was a bit simpler, but just as serious. I caught up with Ellie and Becca prior to their appearance on a special Tuesday night Shark Tank on January 13. They were frantic – it seems ABC told […]

Bottle Cleaner – Bottle Bright

Water bottles are not new to the Shark Tank, but a water bottle cleaner is. “Vermontrepreneurs” Seth Friedman and Justin Koehneke hope to clean up in the Shark Tank when they pitch Bottle Bright, their environmentally friendly, non- toxic, water bottle cleaner in episode 607. Friedman and Koehneke created the idea for Bottle Bright while out […]

Sticky Tie from evREwares

Ellie Brown and Becca Nelson hope the Sharks like their Sticky Tie, one of their best-selling products from their evREwares collection of fabric sticker fashion accessories. They’ll pitch their business in a special Tuesday night Shark Tank in episode 607. While the Sticky Tie may be their top seller, they have a bunch of other […]

Cookie Kits – Scratch and Grain Baking Company

“Momtrepreneurs” Leah Tutin and Taya Geiger barely knew each other when they decided to go into the cookie kits business. Taya, a former securities trader and consultant in the retirement plan industry, and Leah, a top producing Yellow Pages sales rep, had one thing in common: they were moms who liked baking cookies with their kids. One […]

Back Pack Vest – Vestpakz

When Michael Wooley’s daughter, Christen, invented a back pack vest for a sixth grade science project, little did he know it would lead him to the Shark Tank 15 years later. Wooley appears in episode 607 in a special Tuesday night Shark Tank on January 13; he’s pitching his (now 26 years old) daughter’s invention […]

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