Ashley Drake Interview – The Natural Grip

When I first heard from Ashley Drake, founder of The Natural Grip, she reached out to correct a minor trademark issue with my post about her business. We got to chatting, and she gave me some background information about herself and her business. Ashley Drake, along with Crossfit athlete Danielle Sidell, appears in the Shark […]

Bullet Bottle Opener – Bottle Breacher

Navy Seal turned entrepreneur, Elijah Crane hopes the Sharks open up and invest in his bullet bottle opener, called Bottle Breacher, in episode 608. Crane started selling his version of the bullet bottle opener on Etsy a couple of years ago. The reason I say “his version,” is there are many bullet bottle opener products […]

Dog Training – Priority 1 Canine

If you have a dog, good dog training is imperative to the well-being of the dog and its family. When you want a personal security dog, dog training takes on a whole new level of importance. Wade and Lori Morrell know this, you can tell by the way they train their dogs. They’re pitching Priority […]

Athletic Hand Protection – Natural Grip

Army Corps of Engineers Captain and entrepreneur Ashley Drake, along with CrossFit athlete Danielle Sidell, pitch The Natural Grip, an athletic training hand protection system, in Shark Tank episode 608. If you’ve ever lifted weights or done pull-ups for an extended period of time, you know why Drake invented the Natural Grip. It’s kind of a cross […]

Back Pack for Men – Man Pack

When Aaron Tweedie set out to make Man Pack, a back pack for men, he wanted something that was both functional AND “masculine.” Men toting satchels have often been, right or wrong, the object of a certain amount of ridicule. Words like “murse” and “man purse” come to mind when you see a guy carrying […]

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