Toilet Stool – Squatty Potty

Shark Tank has seen its share of crappy business ideas, but Squatty Potty – a toilet stool that puts you in the proper pooping posture – might be the crappiest! Mother and son entrepreneurs Judy and Bobby Edwards think their product is crappy too, but in a very healthy way! They’ll pitch Squatty Potty to […]

PipCorn Organic Mini Popcorn

Jeff and Jen Martin are a brother and sister team that likes snacking on their Pipcorn, popcorn made from heirloom corn kernels. They’ll pitch their Pipsnacks line, which features Pipcorn, in episode 610. Pipcorn was a product, and a snack, born from an empty pantry. Back in 2010, Jeff was helping Jen move and the […]

Vegan Cheese – Heidi Ho

Heidi Lovig, a Cordon Bleu trained vegan chef, pitches Heidi Ho – her line of Vegan Cheese – in Shark Tank episode 610. Lovig first got the idea for creating her product when she consulted at a Portland, OR area restaurant on their vegan offerings. She found existing vegan cheese concoctions full of oil and […]

The Plywood Alternative – Storm Stoppers

I was first introduced to Storm Stoppers – the Plywood Alternative – when business owner John Smith contacted me during season five. He sent in a tape and applied to the show, but he wasn’t chosen to air. Apparently, persistence pays off, because John applied for season six and now he’s airing on the 100th […]

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