Stephen Hersh Interview – Biaggi

I spoke with Stephen Hersh, who pitches his foldable luggage line called Biaggi in episode 613, prior to his air date. He said he was very excited after months of having his life consumed by appearing on Shark Tank. Like every other entrepreneur who appears, he’s been keeping a big secret for months. Now, he […]

Single Serving Wine Glass – Zipz

J. Henry Scott isn’t the first entrepreneur to pitch a single serving wine in the Shark Tank. Jim Martin actually pitched Copa Di Vino, his version of single serving wine twice – once in season two and once in season three. Martin never made a deal, but Mr. Scott hopes a Shark invests in his […]

Skin Care for Men – SWAG Essentials

Lydia Evans created SWAG Essentials, her skin care for men product line, when her brother asked her to make a product to relieve ingrown hairs and razor burn. Evans, a Licensed Medical Esthetician, pitches SWAG Essentials in Shark Tank 613. The bold and brassy entrepreneur makes quite an impression and may forever be remembered in Shark Tank lore as the […]

Female Fan Fashions – Gameday Couture

Kurt and Shawnna Fedderson want to know what statement the Sharks will make on game day when they pitch Gameday Couture, their line of female fan fashions. The Feddersons’ business is creating fashionable, college licensed female fan fashions that has women showing their support for their favorite college teams. They currently license OSU, TU, OU, ARKANSAS, […]

Folding Luggage – Biaggi

When Stephen Hersh pitches Biaggi, his proprietary line of folding luggage, in Shark Tank episode 613, he hopes the Sharks will see an investment worthy business. Hersh partners with a Taiwanese factory to produce his folding luggage, but he has lots of experience in the industry: he’s the son of the former president of Rosetti Handbags […]

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