Fun Bites Food Cutter

Bobbie Rhoads invented Fun Bites because she had a picky eater at home. You know the type – the kids that plays with their food and thinks everything is “yucky.” To combat her daughter’s bad habit of eating nothing but bite-sized junk food, Bobbie would cut things up into tiny pieces so the kid would […]

Cheese Dog Chews – Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chews takes two things dogs love and puts them together: cheese and something you can chew. Nishes, Sujan, and Suman Shrestha pitch Himalayan Dog Chews to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 615. The product was “invented” in 2003 when Nishes’ dog started chewing on some Himalayan cheese. After four years of R&D, Nishes, […]

Lip Bar: Cocktail-Inspired Lipstick

Melissa Butler initially wanted to have a mobile Lip Bar truck for her business, at least that’s what she said she wanted the funds from a failed Indie Go-Go campaign for. The campaign raised around $13K – half what she was asking – and the truck never got rolling. Lip Bar is still very much […]

Floating Beverage Holder – BevBoy

Kevin Waltermire wants to be an entrepreneurial super hero in Shark Tank episode 615 when he pitches BevBoy, a floating beverage holder. BevBoy the product is “named after the American River Otter Superhero, Beverage Boy, whose superpower is to make beverages float.” Making beverages float might not be the coolest super-power out there, but it’s […]

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