Grass Pee-Pad – Fresh Patch

Andrew Feld brings grass, in the form of a grass pee-pad for dogs, into the Shark Tank in episode 616. He calls his product Fresh Patch and it’s literally a patch of grass in a box. The idea is to use it as a training tool for dogs, getting them to want to train on […]

No Clog Drain Stopper – Drain Strain

A drain stopper may not be the sexiest product ever to appear on Shark Tank, but entrepreneur and inventor Naushad Ali hopes the Sharks like his Drain Strain invention in episode 616. Ali invented the product, which pops out of the drain with a twist, to catch all the hair his wife and daughter were plugging […]

Climate Control for Beds – Bed Jet

Bed Jet inventor Mark Aramli decided designing consumer products and starting his own business was more exciting than designing space suits for NASA, so in 2013 he decided to do just that. Aramli pitches Bed Jet to the Sharks in episode 616. Bed Jet is a climate control system for your bed; in the cold […]

Balm Chicky Sharable Lip Balm

Balm Chicky Balm Balm. Just say the words, and people of a certain generation get images of over the top, 1970’s porn movie soundtracks. This is just the vibe entrepreneurs Liz Moskow and Abby Schwalb are going for with their sharable lip balm that they pitch in episode 616. Their entire brand is based on double […]

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