Inflatable Solar Light

Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta pitch LuminAID, an inflatable solar light they developed to be able to provide a simple lighting solution to people in crisis due to natural disasters. They witnessed the devastation of the Haitian earthquakes in 2010 and when they were caught in an earthquake in Japan a year later, they realized […]

Scholarship App – Scholly

Christopher Gray got his scholarships the old fashioned way – without a scholarship app. He did manage to amass over $1.6 million in scholarship monies to attend Drexel University and he needed every penny of it; he wasn’t born into money. What he learned while getting all that cash for college was that there are […]

Back Packs by Taaluma Totes

Jack Dufour and Alley Heffren are two young, adventurous college-aged kids who practically have their back packs surgically attached to their bodies! They like to travel, and need a good back pack while visiting the many places they go to. College kids in general are big into back packs, whether it’s for lugging books around […]

Smart Vent – Keen Home

Ryan Fant got inspired to invent the Keen Home “smart vent” because he didn’t like warm air blowing in his face when he was trying to fall asleep in his college apartment. He thought if he had some sort of smart phone control, he could close the vent right above his bed; he couldn’t reach it […]

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