Frill Clothing Update Interview

I spoke with Sharon Bui and Kate Steadman via Skype recently to get a Frill Clothing update on their business’ progress since they aired on Shark Tank episode 618. The two young women accepted a $100,000 investment from Barbara and Mr. Wonderful for 30% of the business. Their deal is nearly complete with the two Sharks and, […]

Twin Z Breast Feeding Pillow

Michelle and Jason Barsosky hope their successful breast feeding pillow, called Twin Z Pillow, hooks a Shrk in episode 618. Their twins were the surprise and delight of their life when they were born, but what they quickly found out is dealing with two infants at once is a real handful. Michelle especially struggled to feed both […]

Thai Coconut Opener – Coco Jack

Dave Goodman, a former orchestra conductor from New York City, hit the road in 2012 to make his vision for Coco Jack, a Thai Coconut opener, come true. He left New York to live in trailers in Austin, Nashville, and other states out west. While living this seemingly nomadic lifestyle, he was actually building a business. […]

Bed Rider Pick Up Truck Seats – BedRyder

In the past, having a pick up truck bed rider was a dangerous thing. People riding in the bed of a pick-up truck could easily be flung from the vehicle, even without being involved in an accident. George Conway solved that problem for pick-up truck owners when he invented BedRyder, the only pick-up truck bed rider […]

Sorority Clothes – Frill Clothing

Kate Steadman and Sharon Bui pitch their line of Made in the USA sorority clothes in Shark Tank episode 618 on Friday, March 6, 2015. What are sorority clothes? According to Frill Clothing, they are dresses and accessories sorority girls wear when they are getting recruited for a sorority. Apparently, for many sororities, being dressed […]

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