Aqua Vault Review

When Aqua Vault was featured on Beyond the Tank, Avin, Rob, and Jonathan sent me a sample to do an Aqua Vault review. Aqua Vault scored a deal with Daymond in season six; he invested $75K for 25% of the business. In the Beyond the Tank segment, we saw the company grew from less than $100K […]

Outdoor Safe – AquaVault

Avin Samtani, Rob Peck, and Jonathan Kinas were at the beach one day when some of their valuables were stolen from their shoes; that’s when they came up with the idea for a portable outdoor safe. Anybody who goes to the beach, pool, or water park – or any other outdoor recreational venue – has […]

Rave Gloves – Emazing Lights

Brian Lim probably didn’t think he’d end up on Shark Tank when he made his first set of glow in the dark rave gloves back in 2010. He was just looking to add some pizzazz to his local EDM scene, but it turned into a multi-million dollar business! Brian, along with some assistants, pitches Emazing […]

Socially Responsible, Affordable Lingerie – Naja

Catalina Girald  is a “Nuevo Latino” woman with a mission: make affordable lingerie while helping make the world a better place for women in her home-country of Colombia. An attorney by profession, Ms. Girald has entrepreneurship in her blood. She’s founded start-ups, advised venture funds, and now she’s running her own company. She hopes the Sharks […]

Echo Valley Meats the Sharks II

Dave Alwan takes a second swim in the Shark Tank in episode 621 as he asks the Sharks to invest in Echo Valley Meats – AGAIN. Dave is only the third entrepreneur to appear in the Tank twice. Rebecca Rescate appeared twice: once with City Kitty, once with the Hoodie Pillow. Rebecca is the first […]

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