Julie Thompson Interview – Pully Palz

Julie Thompson is excited about pitching Pully Palz, her solution for lost pacifiers, in Shark Tank episode 629. I caught up with Julie before the show aired to find out a bit more about her background and her product. She started the conversation by saying “I didn’t know  what I wanted to be until my […]

Custom Stuffed Toys – Budsies

Every kid loves stuffed toys, but Alex Furmansky thinks they’ll like Budsies, his custom stuffed toys, even better. He hopes the Sharks feel the same way when he pitches his business in Shark Tank episode 629. Furmansky got the idea for Budsies from his little sister’s artwork. She was always drawing colorful pictures and one day […]

Bee Keeping Supplies – Bee Thinking

Matt and Jill Reed didn’t initially set out to sell bee keeping supplies, they just wanted to educate people about bees and their place in the ecosystem on their website. Their noble idea quickly turned into a business when people saw the beehives they were making for themselves on the site; the Reeds have over […]

Lost Pacifier Solution – Pully Palz

Whether you call it a binky, sussy, or paci, it’s a pacifier and babies always spit them out. A pacifier does what it says: it pacifies babies by inducing the sucking reflex that calms and soothes them. Unfortunately, babies are always spitting out their pacifiers, which causes them to squirm and fuss. When this happens, […]

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