Rent Like a Champ Interview – Drew Mitchell & Mike Doyle

If you want to rent like a champ, you have to think like a champ and it’s that kind of thinking that ultimately led to the formation of Rent Like a Champion, a company presenting to the Sharks in episode 704. It was thinking of championships that started Drew Mitchell down the path to forming […]

Rapid Inflation Technology – Wind Catcher

Ryan Frayne had relatively modest goals when he ran a Kickstarter campaign to get his Wind Catcher “Air Pads” produced. He was looking for $50,000 and raised nearly three times that amount. The Air Pad, an air mattress, uses what Frayne calls “rapid inflation technology,” which is fancy talk for the large, bag-like inflation “valve” […]

STEM Learning Centers – STEMCenter USA

STEMCenter USA’s Lavanya and Melissa Jawaharlal are sisters who share a vision for how we educate children in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). They believe kids should be exposed to STEM as young as possible and they provide classes in their STEMCenter Learning Center in Pomona, CA to kids as young as 4 years […]

Football Weekend Rentals – Rent Like a Champion

Rent Like a Champion is the AirBnB of college football weekend rentals. Co-founder Drew Mitchell and CEO Mike Doyle will be pitching their groundbreaking business in Shark Tank episode 704. Like AirBnB, Rent Like a Champion acts as a middleman between people willing to rent out their homes and people seeking lodging in popular college football towns. Unlike AirBnB, […]

Ready to Drink Hot Coffee – Hot Shot

Danny Grossfeld likes his coffee and he likes it hot, that’s why he’s trying to bring his Hot Shot ready to drink coffee to market in the USA. Grossfeld “discovered” ready to drink coffee in a can in Japan, where it’s been around for years. He keeps Hot Shot hot with his HotBox, a “hot […]

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