Tipsy Elves vs. The Beard Head

Why did Shark Robert Herjavec invest in Tipsy Elves but not The Beard Head? Both are novelty items riding a current trend: Tipsy Elves sells ugly Christmas sweaters and The Beard Head sells hats with built-in beards. You’d think Robert would want to replicate his Tipsy Elves success formula with The Beard Head. While there […]

Beard Head – Hats with Beards

David Strakunas started Beard Head because his face got cold. He wanted something other than a scarf or face mask to keep warm while snowboarding, so he decided to sew beards onto knitted ski caps. The first Beard Head beards were knitted wool; new incarnations include realistic “stubble” beards, too. Strakunas started the business in […]

Pop Up Greeting Cards – Love Pop

When Wombi Rose and John Wise set out to become naval architects, they may have seen their fair share of Sharks, but I’m sure they didn’t dream of pitching Love Pop, their pop-up greeting card company, in Shark Tank episode 712. The pair started the business after observing intricate paper sculpting in Viet Nam on an assignment. Once they […]

Natural Deodorant – Piper Wai

Whether Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner get a deal for their natural deodorant, Piper Wai, or not, they most certainly won’t break a sweat when they pitch their product in Shark Tank episode 712. Piper Wai is a charcoal based, natural deodorant cream Edelstein created after experimenting with many different natural deodorant products and formulas of […]

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