The Total Tie Keep: Totally Unprepared

Dwight Littlejohn, creator of The Total Tie Keep, had a commanding presence walking into the Shark Tank. As a federal agent, he exuded confidence when explaining the inspiration behind his clever tie-keep product. The Sharks loved his product and they were clearly impressed by Dwight. Why did he leave the tank without a Shark investment? […]

Heavy Equipment Adventure – Extreme Sand Box

Randy Stenger likes playing in the dirt in a really BIG way, which is why he opened his heavy equipment adventure business, Extreme Sand Box, in 2013. His kids remarked that it would be cool to play on heavy equipment, so he Googled the idea and found one business that does it – in Florida. Since […]

Ultimate Necktie Accessory – Total Tie Keep

Former secret service agent Dwight Littlejohn is used to wearing suits and looking sharp, which is probably what led him to invent the “ultimate necktie accessory,” Total Tie Keep. He’ll pitch his product to the Sharks in episode 713. Littlejohn began selling the his ultimate necktie accessory after applying for a patent in 2007. His […]

Electric Stove Kill Switch – Fire Avert

Firefighter Peter Thorpe invented Fire Avert, a kill switch for electric stoves, to prevent the number one cause of home fires (unattended cooking) that kill over 500 people each year. He hopes the Sharks help him bring his message and product to the masses when he pitches his business in episode 713. Thorpe has seen […]

Protein Pancakes

Josh McClellan and Ashley Drummonds are two fitness marketers who sell workout systems and their line of ABS protein pancakes to help you get fit while eating “good” food. Drummonds markets an information product called Flat Abs For Women and McClellan has a similar product aimed at men. Drummonds came up with the idea for […]

New Shark Tank 2016

Shark Tank 2016 enters the New Year with two episodes in the first week. After several weeks of repeats, Shark Tank is back with a vengeance as the first episode, episode 713, airs on a special Tuesday time slot on January 5 at 9 PM on ABC. Episode 713 features a fashion accessory that keeps neck […]

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