The Happy Mat by ezpz

Lindsey Laurain created the Happy Mat for one simple reason: toddlers are complete slobs! Anyone who ever had to feed a 1-4 year old knows sometimes more than half the food on the plate ends up somewhere other than the child’s mouth. She hopes the Sharks see how useful the product is when she pitches […]

Controlled Chaos Curl Creme

When I was searching for information about Controlled Chaos Curl Creme, I went old school and made a phone call to Alanna York, who pitches the product on Shark Tank episode 715. I couldn’t find any information of the product or company, other than a thinly built-out Facebook page. All I had was her name, which […]

Ugly Produce with a Purpose – Hungry Harvest

Ugly produce tastes the same as pretty produce and it has the same nutritional value, too. Unfortunately, a lot of perfectly good produce – over 6 billion TONS – gets thrown away every year, just because it doesn’t “look right.” Evan Lutz found a way to save all these vegetables from going to the island […]

Dual Purpose Spretz Breathe Spray

Tony Gauthier invented Spretz Breathe Spray to do two things: freshen his breathe and freshen his hands. He wanted a product that would mask smoke and food odors, when he couldn’t find one, he invented it. He’ll pitch the product along with his business partners, Scott Hoag and Wesley Osaze, in Shark Tank episode 715. […]

New Shark Tank 2016

Shark Tank 2016 enters the New Year with two episodes in the first week. After several weeks of repeats, Shark Tank is back with a vengeance as the first episode, episode 713, airs on a special Tuesday time slot on January 5 at 9 PM on ABC. Episode 713 features a fashion accessory that keeps neck […]

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