Icy Breeze Cooler Air Conditioner

Jason Shakleford, Dave Yonce, and Andrew Jenkins pitch their Icy Breeze cooler that’s also an air conditioner in Shark Tank episode 716. Yonce, a self-professed “serial entrepreneur,” created the Icy Breeze in 2013 to cool off in places where it isn’t usually possible. He makes the coolers, with a battery-powered fan and exhaust cooling duct, […]

SAT Test Prep Course – 2400 Expert

There’s no doubt Shaan Patel is a smart guy and he has a lot of credibility creating an SAT Test Prep Course; he scored a perfect 2400 when he took the course! Patel pitches his growing SAT test prep course business, 2400 Expert, in Shark Tank episode 716. Shaan used his success on the SAT, […]

COAlition Smart Back Packs

Launching a successful brand with Kickstarter isn’t easy, but Jeff Popp and Casey Lorenzen did it for two different brands: MHM Back Packs and COAlition Smart Back Packs. Back in 2012, Popp “launched” his then three-year-old brand, MHM Back Packs, to the crowdfunding public. The successful campaign helped propel the brand into one of the more sought […]

She Fit Sports Bra

Bob and Sara Moylan hope for some support from a Shark when they pitch She Fit Sports Bras in episode 716. Sara is a former competitive beauty pageant participant who now competes on the Fitness America circuit. Working out continues to be a big part of her life. As a life-long fitness enthusiast, Sara had […]

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