Tutu Blue Long Beach Suits

Mr. Wonderful is used to being the “villain” in the Shark Tank, but when Sarah Buxton pitches TuTu Blue, her line of “Long” beachwear, he may be over-matched. Buxton is most famous for portraying bitch extraordinaire Morgan DeWitt for several years in The Bold and the Beautiful. In that role, Buxton was a super villain who routinely schemed […]

SworkIt Workout App

When Ben Young and Greg Coleman met their business partner, Ryan Hanna, he’d already designed the framework  a workout app as a project to teach himself coding. Young and Coleman had a workout app of their own, called Nexercise. They teamed up with Hanna to start Sworkit when it was clear there was synergy and opportunity. We’ll […]


Benjamin Stern first got the idea for NOHBO Balls while watching a movie about pollution in middle school. Unlike most kids, he decided to do something about it. Inspired by laundry detergent pods, he believed he could put shampoo, conditioner, and other personal care products typically packaged in plastic bottles into water-soluble balls. This would […]

CleanSleep Mobile Mattress Cleaning

People clean their carpets, curtains, even mini blinds with mobile cleaning services; now Michael Ingle wants them to use his business, CleenSleep, to clean their mattresses. He started the business in 2013 with a specially equipped box truck containing his proprietary mattress dry cleaning machinery. Ingle pitches CleanSleep, a company he wants to franchise, to the […]

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