The Custard Stand – Interview with Dee and Angie Cowger

I had the opportunity to speak with Dee and Angie Cowger, owners of The Custard Stand and makers of Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili. The couple opened The Custard Stand in their small town of Webster Springs, West Virginia in 1991. I immediately became clear that the “hot” item in their shop was their home-made chili, […]

Insta Fire – Fire and Charcoal Starter

Insta Fire is a product that lets you start a fire or charcoal grill in virtually any conditions. Whether you’re out hiking in the snowy mountains or just lighting the backyard grill, InstaFire can get you fired up almost instantly. Konnel Banner and Frank Weston created the product because they are both avid outdoors men who know […]

PRX Weight Lifting Racks

PRX Performance weight lifting racks owners Erik Hopperstad and Brian Brasch are two businessmen with a business they started together, Hopperstaad is a Division Manager at Weekes Forest Products and Brasch is the CEO of Branick Tools. Both companies are in Fargo, North Dakota – which happens to be where the guys make their PRX lifting racks. […]

Rompers by Rags to Raches

When Rachel Nilsson started selling her kids’ used clothes on Instagram to help pay the bills, she noticed people were most interested in the rompers she made herself. That’s when the light bulb went on and she realized she could make a business out of her hand-made rompers. She designed them to fit her frantic, […]

Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili

Dee and Angie Cowger are husband and wife “hotdogtrepreneurs” and the owners of The Custard Stand, a 5 unit franchised business in West Virginia. They started selling hot dogs at the original Custard Stand in 1991 and began making their hot dog chili in a converted car wash behind their Webster Springs, West Virginia location in […]

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