Fruity Faces Edible Stickers

Adam Gerber and Bob Ntoya invented Fruity Faces to solve a problem: how to get kids to eat healthy snacks. Parents know kids love snacks, and the proliferation of junk-food snacks makes it hard to get kids to eat fruit or veggies sometimes, especially when they want something touted by a cartoon character they love. […]

Fashion Tap – Fashion Social Media Network

Famous fashion blogger Amy Roiland introduces Fashion Tap, a new fashion based social media network, to the Sharks in episode 724. Roiland is a popular, influential blogger in the fashion world. She wanted to create a social network that let people share photos of their favorite fashions while getting credit for sales of the pictured […]

Bright Wheel Daycare Management

Bright Wheel creator David Vasen envisioned an app that not only allowed him to connect with his young daughter at daycare, but also allowed for daycare operators to manage their business while keeping in contact with families. Vasen hopes the Sharks will see the power and utility of his app when he presents it in […]

Brella Box – Umbrella Rental Service

People familiar with ZipCar or CitiBike will immediately get the concept behind Brella Box. The company “rents” umbrellas to New Yorkers from over 500 locations throughout the city. Each Brella Box kiosk holds around 50 umbrellas and members use a key card to rent an umbrella for $2.50 for up to 12 hours. Once you’re done […]

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