Illumi Bowl – Toilet Bowl Light

When Matt Alexander created Illumi Bowl, he didn’t think he’d be quitting school and selling over $1 million worth of his product. He had an idea to light the way for late night bathroom visits and he made it a reality, with the help of over $95,000 he raised on Kickstarter. Illumi Bowl is a […]

Beloved Pizza Shirts

Beloved shirts founder Jeremiah Robison grew up in the clothing business. He also likes pizza. It may sound like a strange correlation, but it was an “all over everything” pepperoni pizza shirt Katy Perry wore that put the company into the forefront of fashion as “the fastest growing sublimation brand in the world.” Their quirky […]

Innovation Pet Toys

Tim Taft and Victoria Coopman have over 30 years combined experience in the pet industry, so they created their own company to manufacture and sell a wide variety of pet toys in 2012. Their line of products is extensive; they make pet toys, chicken coops, cat scratchers, dog houses, and much more. They’ll find out if […]

Crodwfunded Beer – Mob Craft Beer

Mob Craft beer co-founder Henry Schwartz knew he wanted to start a micro brewery, but he wanted to stand out from the hundreds of others in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That’s not easy to do in a city and a state known as much for its beer as its cheese! To differentiate the brewery, which he co-founded with Andrew […]

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