Interview with Jason Neubauer from The CoolBox

I recently spoke with  Jason Neubauer, one of the inventors of The CoolBox, which airs in Shark Tank episode 728. It’s a hectic time for Jason, who’s expecting his first child any day now! Add that life-changing event to the whirlwind of activity that surrounds a Shark Tank appearance, and you can imagine Jason is […]

The Cool Box – High Tech Tool Box

Cool Box inventors Chris Stoikos and Jason Neubauer are serial entrepreneurs who wanted to make a tool box for the 21st Century. Along with co-founder Mike D’Agostini (who doesn’t appear on the show), the guys have a lot of construction experience behind them and they got sick of lugging around multiple items to job sites. […]

TROBO – The Story Telling Robot

Robots aren’t usually associated with plush toys, but entrepreneurs Jeremy Scheinberg and Chris Harden seek to change that with TROBO, their story telling robot. They decided to create TROBO as a cuddly toy that educates kids with an accompanying story telling app. TROBO, through the app, reads STEM related stories to kids with the aspiration of […]

The NoPhone: Cure for Phone Addiction?

Advertising art directors Van Gould and Chris Sheldon created the NoPhone as a “cure for phone addiction.” They fully acknowledge that the product is a novelty item, calling the business “the largest fake phone company in the world.” The accolades are pouring in: CNET called the NoPhone the “most useless gift since the Pet Rock,” and […]

Pride Bites – Custom Pet Accessories

Sean Knecht and Steven Blustein, who present Pride Bites in Shark Tank episode 728, love playing with their dogs. That’s why Blustein invented the custom pet accessories company – he was sick of cheap dog toys that fell apart after a few uses. He also wanted to create something a bit edgier than the standard, […]

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