The CreaClip by CreaProducts

Mai Lieu created the CreaClip to allow women to cut their own hair without worrying about screwing it up. Lieu, who escaped the Viet Nam war with her family at age 4, moved from Canada to Hawaii in 2003. She worked as a hair stylist for a few years and began developing the CreaClip. Once she […]

Spooner Sliding Boards – Wheel-less Skateboards

The Spooner Board is a curved plastic balance board that rides like a skateboard without wheels on just about any surface. Bernie Miller and Ruben Guymer hope to get a Shark on board with their company when they pitch it in episode 729. After the product was “invented” by accident by company co-founder Randy Putland in 2006, the […]

Dollop Gourmet Frosting

Heather Saffer, creator of Dollop Gourmet Frosting, is that person who always wanted that piece of cake with the extra frosting on it. After a lifetime of baking and making frosting, she opened several retail cupcake shops. She closed her retail spots shortly after she went on (and won) Cupcake Wars back in February of 2012 and […]

Your Self Expression – Custom Jewelry

When Shelby and Gordy Gogulski began making Your Self Expression Custom Jewelry back in 2013, little did they imagine they’d be media darlings and successful business people before completing high school. They Started the business in 2013 when Shelby was 14 and Gordy was just 9. They filmed their Shark Tank episode during the season six […]

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