Ice Age Meals Review

I was getting ready to go shopping when I was writing up my post on Ice Age Meals and I decided I’d order some and do an Ice Age Meals review. They came in just two days and I ordered 14 meals to get free shipping. I ordered Thai Meatball Curry, Butternut Squash Lasagna, Tri-Tip […]

Interview with Inventors of The Fish Call

I spoke with Jeff and Jack Danos, inventors of The Fish Call, about their upcoming appearance in Shark Tank episode 802 on Friday, September 30. Jeff and Jack are a father/son team who likes to fish; now they are full-fledged entrepreneurs. As an avid fisherman myself, I was a bit excited for them and for […]

Catch More Fish with the Fish Call by Tactibite

Jeff and Jack Danos, creators of the Fish Call, are a father and son team with a lot of savvy and fishing knowledge. They blew up their Kickstarter campaign, getting over 11 times their funding goal of $10,000 to fund their first production run. Their unlikely product – essentially a bobber that emits fish attracting […]

Lapel Project turns Suits into Tuxedos

Lapel Project creator Sebastian Garcia is no stranger to the fashion industry. He’s co-owner of  Sartori Amici, an upscale Miami clothier that sells fine Italian suits. He also owns The Grooms Room, a service that outfits the groom and his groomsmen on wedding day. It’s safe to say, Garcia knows the fashion industry. He’ll need […]

Frozen Meals with a Paleo Twist – Ice Age Meals

Culinary Ninja Nick Massie first started experimenting with frozen meals to create a healthy, athlete friendly, and convenient alternative to the standard frozen meals one usually finds in the grocery store. The approach he takes – making meals in small batches and testing the “freezability” before going into production led to a product that is […]

Good Hang Ups – Wall Hanging System

A four-year-old with a penchant for creating works of art led Leslie Pierson to create Good Hang Ups, a system that allows people to attach posters or artwork to any surface with a magnetic, non-marking adhesive strips. Basically, the invention turns any wall into a refrigerator. The product works for anything and it’s a way for […]

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