Eco Flower – Wood and Recycled Flowers

Meagan Chapman Bowman hopes to resurrect a business she started as a teen when she pitches Eco Flower, her wood and recycled flower business, to the Sharks in episode 808. Bowman was always traveling to dance competitions as a teen and decided to start selling flowers at the events so parents could give flowers to […]

Be Somebody – Experience Marketplace

Be Somebody founder Kash Shaikh wants to create a new venue for the sharing economy. He calls it an experience marketplace. The concept is simple: if you have a talent other people want to know more about or experience directly, you share your talent for a fee with those seeking your knowledge. Users pay you for […]

Safe Catch – Safe Canned Tuna Fish

Sean Wittenberg and Bryan Boches like tuna, which is why they created Safe Catch, their canned tuna that’s mercury-free and has standards that are ten times stricter than the FDA mercury action limit. The tuna is packed fresh, cooked in the can, and is preservative free (with the exception of Albacore with salt). Their mission is […]

The Style Club – Celebrity Fashion for Teens

Hillary Novelle Hahn knew about style long before she started The Style Club. She was a singer, fashion commentator, and social media influencer. When she started her business in 2014, she aimed straight at the market she understood best: teen girls. Now she wants a Shark to help her expand – she’ll pitch the panel […]

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