Rinse Kit Portable Shower

Chris Crawford created Rinse Kit because he wanted an easy, portable way to clear sand off his body. He liked to go surfing before work and he didn’t want to bring the beach to the office with him. Chris made the first RinseKit for himself and when people started asking him about it, he decided to start […]

The Kooler inside a Cooler

Powerlifting legend Stan Efferding’s Kooler is more than “just another cooler,” it’s three coolers in one. Efferding is considered the world’s strongest body builder and he’s one of the top five wealthiest body builders today. He’s no stranger to public speaking as he conducts talks on nutrition and health all over the country. Over the […]

Little Nomad Mats – Style and Function

Elizabeth Granados hopes Little Nomad Mats draw the attention of, and an investment from, the Sharks in episode 814. Little Nomad Mats are just like those colored, foam play mats you see in homes and daycare centers everywhere, except hers are “works of art.” Most foam play mats come in loud, bright colors and don’t […]

D Best Products – Collapsible Carts

Richard Elden, the “king of carts,” wants to wheel away a cart full of cash from a Shark when he pitches D Best Products in episode 814. He’s the king of carts because he’s been making and selling them for nearly 15 years. D Best Products makes carts for luggage, groceries, coolers, and even pets. […]

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