Earplugs by Vibes

It took a ruptured eardrum for Jackson Mann to get the idea for Vibes earplugs; it happened while attending a concert a few years ago. He set out to make earplugs that didn’t block the sound of music, but rather lowered the decibels to safe levels. Vibes also allows wearers to hear conversations while wearing them. […]

Pop Up Play – STEM Based Playhouses for Kids

Pop Up Play creators Amelia Cosgrove and Bryan Thomas know one thing for certain: kids LOVE forts. Kids also love their (or their parents’) tablets and iPhones. The husband and wife team figured out a way to merge the two and educate kids along the way with their concept. Kids design their own forts or […]

Get Away Tiny House Vacation Rentals

Pete Davis and Jon Staff want people to get away from their hectic lives and get closer to nature. They deliver the promise with their tiny house rental/vacation business called Getaway. Tiny homes on wheels are the new rage in the USA as many people want to simplify their lives. Getaway offers an introduction to […]

Cricket Chips by Chirps & Six Foods

Laura D’Asaro and Rose Wang feed bugs to the Sharks while they pitch Chirps, their cricket chips, in episode 815 this Friday. This is the second time crickets are in the Shark Tank. The show first saw crickets as food when Chapul, a cricket flour maker, got a deal with Mark Cuban in season five. Mark […]

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